XXX Audio Series: Bless Me Father Completed Series - 5 Episodes

VoiceLikeCandy - NSFW Voice Actress
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Bless Me Father is a 5 Episode anthology where I portray a different woman in each audio, offering her personal confession of sin and debauchery, and seeking penance from the very untraditional priest who's thoroughly enjoying her sordid tale from the other side of the confession window.

This is the completed series of Episodes 1-5. Episodes are also available individually Here or see my full Audio Collection on my Main Page

  • Episode 1 - When the spark went out in her marriage, this horny mother encouraged her son to invite his friend from the wrestling team over more often, and eventually she got her wish! You can hear the shame in her voice as she confesses her sin in great detail...
  • Episode 2 - Wait until you hear what this career obsessed mother was willing to supply her perverted boss for the sake of a promotion!
  • Episode 3 - A young woman planned to be a model, but ended up on OnlyFans showing men her titties for money. One day she got a message from a stranger, offering $200 for a 10 minutes cam show where he began verbally degrading her for his amusement. To her shame, she loved it!
  • Episode 4 - A very pregnant woman confesses she's a homewrecker and she's not sorry! Johnny was her highschool crush, but he ended up dating her nemesis Alice, a horribly mean girl who made her teen years a complete hell. But 10 years later, when she bumps into Johnny in Vegas, she learns Alice could never give him what he wants more than anything - babies!
  • Episode 5 - This young woman wasn't happy with the body God gave her. She watched as more curvaceous women received so much attention, not to mention gifts and promotions, and envied how much easier life was for them. She wanted that life, and with the help of her plastic surgeon, she became a bleached blonde, silicone filled, plastic fuck sleeve bimbo for men to use like an object.

Scripts written by Slutwriter

Gorgeous cover art by Fellatrix

Priest's cameo voiced by Darkwitt

Sound Design by Sakarnen & VoiceLikeCandy

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10 ratings
  • Episode 1
    18 minutes
  • Episode 2
    15 minutes
  • Episode 3
    14 minutes
  • Episode 4
    14 minutes
  • Episode 5
    14 minutes
  • Episode 118 minutes
  • Episode 215 minutes
  • Episode 314 minutes
  • Episode 414 minutes
  • Episode 514 minutes


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XXX Audio Series: Bless Me Father Completed Series - 5 Episodes

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