(NSFW + GTS Growth) Crossing the Giantess - Part 2

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Crossing the giantess has been progressing well, though Sarah has starting to grow as well, the crossing was beginning to have some complications, though none that were particularly unpleasant. If anything, Sarah’s increasing lust was rather enjoyable, though her continual growth might make things difficult.

Product Includes:

 - Full audio story with sound effects.

 - Full script.

 - Exclusive story - only available here

#NSFW #GiantessGrowth #HeightGrowth #ButtExpansion #BreastExpansion #BlowJob #BoobJob #Sex #Masturbation #Lactation #SpeakingToYou #ThirdPersonNarration

Art by Vespa

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Last updated Feb 17, 2024

Audio Length
16 minutes
Plus written copy of the script!
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(NSFW + GTS Growth) Crossing the Giantess - Part 2

3 ratings
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