XXX Audio Series: Soccer Mom Confessions - All 6 Episodes!

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XXX Audio Series: Soccer Mom Confessions

Complete Series - Episodes 1-6 - 78 minutes of XXX Audio!

Elizabeth Cooper is a 35 year old MILF from Dallas, with two teenage children and a very adventurous, open relationship with her husband David. They enjoy their suburban fairytale life, and take full advantage of their voracious sexual appetites. Variety may be the spice of life, but the best part is when they come back home to share the details of their kinky escapades with one another... and now, with you too! 

6 full episodes Included in this purchase:

  • Episode 1 - In this first episode, our Soccer Mom drops her son off at his game, and then races to a nearby park for a secret rendezvous... with who you ask? Well, you'll just have to listen to find out!
  • Episode 2 - Now that we know about Elizabeth and her husband's unique relationship, you're probably thinking it's all sunshine and roses for this lucky suburbanite couple! They may be leading very sexually gratifying lives, but they still have to protect their family's reputation, because not everyone would understand their lifestyle. When someone threatens to expose their secret life, you better believe they are going to pull out all the stops to keep their private lives private.
  • Episode 3 - It's Parent Teacher Day and Elizabeth has to do quite a bit of schmoozing to get her daughter's grades up to par with her English teacher. Good thing he's a total horndog!  Lord only knows what those other parents waiting in the hall overheard! Later when she's at the mall, she bumps into the teacher again, and notices he can barely keep his lecherous eyes off her daughter's shapely body, so she decides to play into his fantasy and tease him right there in the food court.
  • Episode 4 - Southern hospitality meets hedonistic holiday! On the ultimate swingers vacation, Elizabeth gets spit roasted by two deliciously beefy bulls, while her husband satisfies his own cravings with a petite Jamaican hottie! 
  • Episode 5 - Lizzie saw her best friend Kayla kissing her son Cody on the security cam! So she invites Kayla over to confront her, but wasn't ready for the unexpected twist during her sexy friend's confession. Turns out Elizabeth doesn't need to threaten her to stay away from her son, because she's actually got a thing for the Soccer Mom!
  • Episode 6 - Elizabeth hears about a big Spring Break masquerade party that is going to get pretty wild, and decides it's safe to go in disguise, since she's grounded Cody til he's 30. Drunk teens are hooking up left and right, and she ends up center of attention just as she'd hoped! But there is still a big surprise in store for this dirty mom...

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Tags: Series, Female x Male, Milf/Cougar, Confessions, 
Southern Accent, Dirty Talk, Accomplice, Exhibitionism/Public Play, Degradation, Blowjob, Facefucking, Orgasm Denial, Sneaky Sex, Spanking, Phone Call Voyeurism, Blackmail/Coercion, Breast Play, Ass Licking/Rimming, Vaginal, Creampie, Rough Sex, Anal, Cheating/NTR, School Hookup, Handjob, Sneaky Sex, Public Play, Interracial, BBC, Group Sex, Hotwife, Facefucking, Multiple Penetrations, Fingering, Dirty Talk, Bondage/Restraints, Eating Pussy, Squirting, Strap-On, Hotwife, Group Sex, Gangbang, Anonymous/Strangers, Impregnation/Breeding, Possible Incest (Mother-Son), Creampie, Voice + SFX

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  • Episode 1
    13 minutes
  • Episode 2
    15 minutes
  • Episode 3
    12 minutes
  • Episode 4
    12 minutes
  • Episode 5
    14 minutes
  • Episode 6
    13 minutes
  • Episode 113 minutes
  • Episode 215 minutes
  • Episode 312 minutes
  • Episode 412 minutes
  • Episode 514 minutes
  • Episode 613 minutes


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XXX Audio Series: Soccer Mom Confessions - All 6 Episodes!

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