Audio #355 - Babysitting Duties

VoiceLikeCandy - NSFW Voice Actress
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The Sinclairs hired a sweet 18 year old babysitter to look after their seven kids, but little does she know that they're actually planning to knock her up and make her their new breeding slut. Mrs. Sinclair just knew she'd be convinced once she came face to face with her husband's throbbing babymaker!

**This is a duet with my dear friend @CryBabyDahl. She and I were friends long before I ever starting voice acting, and she's recently decided to be a VA too, so please make sure you follow her and check out her Gumroad store too!

Script by Lethargic

Cover Art by Rhanna Hevillyn

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Tags: Female x Male, MILF/Cougar, Dubious Consent, Accomplice, Submissive Female, Group sex, Cock Worship, Oversized Cock, Daddy Roleplay (Not incest), Hotwife, HeavyBalls/Sperm Kink, Blowjob, Ass Licking/Rimming, Ball Licking, Facial, Swallowing, Vaginal, Rough Sex, Creampie, Impregnation/Breeding, Voice + SFX

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Audio #355 - Babysitting Duties

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