Audio #360 - Wedding Day (Duet with CryBabyDahl)

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Audio duet with my friend @CryBabyDahl

You (dear listener) are the Father of the Groom, footing the bill for this glorious wedding extravaganza! But as the Mother of the Bride put it, girls get very romantic at weddings, and a handsome man like you could get as much pussy as you want today, which she proceeds to illustrate by being your first! Then there is the sexy waitress who pulls you into the pantry for a quickie, and the friend of the bride who takes you out to the garden for another sneaky encounter. After the ceremony, a bridesmaid and the maid of honor take you for a spin together, and then finally the blushing bride steals away with you to her romantic bridal suite, giving you the pussy you so richly deserve as she pledges to be your little fucktoy and calls you Daddy!

This 42 minute audio contains 5 individual scenes with 6 horny ladies all shamelessly seducing you. And all the while, your poor son is completely oblivious, too busy getting drunk with his buddies at his own wedding!

Duet with @CryBabyDahl

Script by MisterMichael

Cover Art by Rhanna Hevillyn

Tags: Female x Male, Cock Worship, Oversized Cock, Sneaky Sex, Cheating/NTR, Daddy Roleplay (Not incest), Threesome, Blowjob, Ass Licking/Rimming, Ass Licking/Rimming, Facial, Vaginal, Anal, Creampie, Voice + SFX

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Audio #360 - Wedding Day (Duet with CryBabyDahl)

12 ratings
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