Audio #365 - Rental Agreement

VoiceLikeCandy - NSFW Voice Actress
12 ratings

A sexy MILF visits the new owner of her building because her deadbeat husband can’t pay the rent (again), and she is worried they are going to get evicted. But when she sees how hot the new landlord is, she makes him an offer he can’t refuse - unlimited use of her and her sexy step-daughter in exchange for free rent! Of course he agrees, so she comes back with Cindy and they proceed to earn their keep!

Script by MisterMichael

Cover Art by @zyan_art

Tags: Female x Male, MILF/Cougar, Dirty Talk, Accomplice, Pimping Out Step-daughter, Threesome, Cheating, Flirting, Oversized Cock, Blowjob, Facefucking, Vaginal, Double Facial, Voice + SFX

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  • Audio Length
    20 minutes
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  • Audio Length20 minutes


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Audio #365 - Rental Agreement

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