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375-SOUTHERN COOKIN' [Holiday Quickie] [Humorous] [Sexual Puns/Innuendo] [Southern Accent]

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A bit of holiday fun just in time for Thanksgiving!

When a horny little southern lady offers you some of her cherry pie, you don't ask questions, you just pull up a chair and dig in until you've licked that plate clean! You must have done well, because next she asks you to make some gravy, and then mash the potatoes , pounding them real good until they're nice and creamy. The oven is piping hot now, and she insists you put a bun in it!

Script written by Zenos Hikage

Tags: Female x Male, Southern Accent, Cunnilingus, Breast Play, Vaginal, Creampie, Impregnation/Breeding, Sexual Puns/Innuendo, Voice + SFX

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375-SOUTHERN COOKIN' [Holiday Quickie] [Humorous] [Sexual Puns/Innuendo] [Southern Accent]

4 ratings
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