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Audios #38 & #71 - The Manticore Snags A Husband (Parts 1 & 2)


Parts 1 & 2  -  16 minutes total

The Manticore in this recording is a hybrid monster girl with the body of a beast, bat-like wings and a tail with a spiny lump of flesh on the end. Being sadistic and infinitely lustful, they enjoy aggressively violating men and milking their spirit energy by making them cum. Although they do not eat humans, they do not deny false stories of them doing so, in order to create and further perpetuate fear in their victims. They enjoy the look of initial terror and how his reaction changes as he is bewildered by pleasure.

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  • Part 18 minutes
  • Part 2 8 minutes


Audios #38 & #71 - The Manticore Snags A Husband (Parts 1 & 2)

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