FREE Holiday Recording - Santa's Ho Ho Ho!

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I didn't have time to make a new holiday audio this year, so I breathed some new life into one of my old favorites which we actually recorded back in 2018.  It's no wonder this is one of my favorite audios, considering it was written by DaddyM and I have fond memories of him doing his over-the-top Santa character in my recording booth.  Whenever I ask him to record something, we end up laughing until my sides hurt, and I am left with quite a blooper reel, because he has too much fun doing these with me.  I hope you enjoy it!

Also, some people have asked if I have a wishlist for my fans, but unfortunately not since I live in New Zealand and shipping costs are crazy from Amazon. So if you'd like to send a little Xmas Tip, feel free to change the price from $0 to whatever you like!

Merry Christmas!

(You can watch the video above, but since this is a free item on Gumroad, they have a limit of 250mb, so if you purchase it, you'll be receiving the .wav file, not the .mp4 file. It's exactly the same audio though.)

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FREE Holiday Recording - Santa's Ho Ho Ho!

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