(NSFW + GTS Growth + BE) Your Wife's Growth Milk

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After drinking some new milk from the fridge, your wife miraculously seems to get taller, and her breasts bulge out. There's still more of the milk left, and it looks like she wants to drink even more, just how big is she going to get? 

(This audio is a growth fetish story that contains no sex)

This is my first Exclusive Audio in collaboration with SGAAudio.com! They specialize in Giantess, Muscle, Growth, Weight Gain and Expansion fetishes content. This is an exclusive story - Only available here on Gumroad!

Product Includes:

  • 10 minute audio story as read by VoiceLikeCandy
  • Editing & Sound Design by SGAAudio
  • Copy of the Script - written by SGAAudio
  • Cover Art by AzraelWebster

#NSFW #GiantessGrowth #BreastExpansion #Wife #SpeakingToYou #ThirdPersonNarration #NoSex

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(NSFW + GTS Growth + BE) Your Wife's Growth Milk

15 ratings
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