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Description of How My Patreon Tiers Operate (It's a bit different!)

I created a short video that explains everything you need to know about my Patreon Tiers, how the rewards work, etc.

Did you know that I started out on Patreon in 2016, and I only added my audios to Gumroad in 2019? I was looking for an alternate way place to distribute my audios that was NSFW friendly, and I'm so happy that I found Gumroad.

In the past year, my Gumroad sales have exceeded my Patreon monthly income, and it's been wonderful seeing so many of you returning to buy more and more of my audios. Although I release the same audios on both sites, there are some advantages to being a patron, especially if you take advantage of the Monthly Potluck Tier, which means you will never miss another new release, because you automatically receive each new audio that I publish without having to do anything as long as you've paid your $20 Potluck Tier for that month. My long term Patrons almost always choose that tier to keep increasing their collection, so I thought maybe some Gumroad users would be interested as well.

As always, your emails, questions and comments are welcome if you have any questions about how anything works, or want to commission me to record you own script - speaking of which, I have a tier for that on Patreon as well. Just check out the video, it's less than 3 minutes! :)

Patreon Tiers Explained


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