Need some more "VoiceLikeCandy" in your life?

Hello! I'm just sending out a quick note to all my Gumroad customers to say thank you for being a fan, and to invite you to revisit my content (if it's been a while) to check out some of my new recordings!  And if you've shopped my page recently, thank you so much for your support! (I couldn't figure out a way to filter this message by last purchase date, so it's going to everyone.) 

Here's a link to my Gumroad page for your convenience - 

You can also feel free to have a browse through these PDF catalogs for a concise list of all my audios with their description and Gumroad links:

You might also be aware that I have been running a Patreon since 2016, which is why I started recording all of these audios in the first place. Your support at Patreon would be more than welcome, so if you're so inclined, feel free to check it out at

One last note - 95% of the recordings I create are written by fans who commission me to record their stories. If you'd like to try you hand and writing something for me to record, check out my Commission info at and maybe I will be recording your script soon!

I really hope this message finds you happy, well, and safe in these crazy Covid times. Wishing you all the best!



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