Take 20% my Original Audio Series Collections thru Feb 4th!

Be sure to ender Discount Code "serieslover" at checkout to get 20% OFF on any of these 8 Original Series Collections (see attached PDF for series descriptions that are included in the sale)!

Candy's Cock Worship - https://gum.co/CCW1-5

The Fallout Girl - https://gum.co/FalloutGirl1-6

Maid's Naughty Futa Discovery - https://gum.co/FutaComplete

Cursed Armour - https://gum.co/Cursed12 

Lesbian Cock Addict - https://gum.co/VLC-LCA

Courtesan of the Core Worlds - https://gum.co/VLC-Courtesan

Diary of a Cheating MILF - https://gum.co/VLC-MILFDiary

Succubus: Deceptive Desires - https://gum.co/VLC-Succubus

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